Weather conditions and forecast for Nederland, Colorado.


This site is meant to be informative and useful for both the people of Nederland Colorado and visitors alike. Please note that it is operated as a hobby and should not be a single source of weather information for Nederland. Due to connectivity and other issues, sometimes the site's weather data is not up to date!


Nederland, Colorado, USA, is a small mountain town in the Rocky Mountains. The town is located 17 miles southwest of Boulder, CO and 47 miles northwest of Denver, CO. Nederland sits at an elevation of 8,228 feet. The weather station is located within the Nederland town limits.


My name is Scott and I've lived in Nederland since 1999. I have a beautiful family and we enjoy living in the mountains - extreme weather and all. By day I work as a software developer.


The web site,, was originally maintained by Madge and Bondy of Nederland, Colorado. When they moved away from Nederland in 2005, they generously passed on the site to me and I began maintaining the site.


Weather Station Davis Instruments Vantage Pro This station is solar powered and transmits data wirelessly.
Wireless Station Link Davis Instruments Data Envoy This USB device communicates with the weather station.
Weather Software Davis Instruments WeatherLink The software collects and stores data from the station. It also runs jobs on a schedule to create charts and data files for upload.
Camera A cheap web cam Takes pictures!
PC Fit-pc2i A very low power PC running Windows 7.